Madeleine Louise Farley

Though I was raised primarily in the much-maligned state of New Jersey, I am an actress and comedian based in the Twin Cities. I feel strongly about most things, but especially about how art must be utilized to put good into the universe. I do my best to use theatre to display the dignity of every person and advocate for the possibility of a better world. There's no such thing as other people's children.


In my free time I enjoy such activities as laughing at things on the internet, trying new restaurants, and thrifting for treasures.

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Nice things people have said about my work:

What's Next?

On Two Rooms

"Madeleine Farley conjures a tremendous amount of strength as his wife, Lainie, who waits for news on her husband...There are moments of explosive rage for Farley, but the true intensity of her performance plays out in cleverly crafted wordlessness...Her silences fuse with the empty spaces onstage, defined as they are around the edges by awkward posturing between people who believe they are doing what is right."
-Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd Express


I am part of the world premiere of VENEERS through Phoenix Theater's Fledgling Program. I play Jennifer in this reality-bending show, written and directed by Chaz Mayo. The play runs from February 21st through the 29th at the aforementioned Phoenix Theater.

Check out my comedy schedule here! Sometimes I don't have shows coming up! I promise to update it as they arrive.


I am currently represented in Minneapolis by both Agency Models and Talent and Moore Creative Talent, Inc. for on-camera and commercial work.

Contact information can be found on this page.

In March, I will be performing at Camp Bar in FLANAGAN'S WAKE, an interactive show that combines script and improv to hilarious ends.