Madeleine Louise Farley

Though I was raised primarily in the much-maligned state of New Jersey, I am an actress and comedian based in the Twin Cities. I feel strongly about most things, but especially about how art must be utilized to put good into the universe. I do my best to use theatre to display the dignity of every person and advocate for the possibility of a better world. There's no such thing as other people's children.


In my free time I enjoy such activities as laughing at things on the internet, thrifting for treasures, and volunteering with SWOP MPLS.

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What's Next?

Death of  a Pen Name

Strong story told respectfully and boldly. Madeleine Farley commands that stage and leads this cast through a very hard story to tell. Empathetic, sad, funny. Brava. 

(4.5 stars,

A strong cast led by Madeleine Farley brings this story to life... A powerful loss animates the play, but the poetry of that lost friend is woven throughout the show, honoring his memory and reanimating his voice. It's hard to imagine that any member of the audience won't find something familiar and painful here.

(5 stars,

A very personal account of one friendship rocked by addiction and betrayal. The show is touching and emotional but has light and funny moments throughout. Actors were incredible and the poetry highlighted was interesting and impressively delivered.(5 stars,


Worldwide pandemics tend to slow things down.


I am currently represented in Minneapolis by both Agency Models and Talent and Moore Creative Talent, Inc. for on-camera and commercial work.

Contact information can be found on this page.