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Photo By Caitlin Juvland at Midway Mic
I love Halloween.

"The whole brass section"

-Andrew Brynildson (MNCS)

"Certified Hot Girl"

-guy running the Vermont Comedy Club open mic

"Family Member"


What kind of stand-up do I do?

My stand-up mostly consists of irreverent self-referential humor that features musings on feminism, modern dating, Catholicism, and the possible uses of a pool noodle. 

Where have I done comedy?

What's Next - Phoenix Theater (video forthcoming!)

Vector IX Variety Show - Du Nord Craft Spirits

Fresh Bleats - Comedy Corner Underground


Midway Mic (Showcase) - Dubliner Pub

Comedy Showcase - 10K Brewing, Anoka

Monday Night Comedy Show - Spring Street Tavern

Keller Bar - St. Cloud

Die Laughing Comedy Marathon

Hop inside my brain!!

The Intermittent Titter


August 2020 Issue

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The Art of Bombing Podcast

Dan Bublitz Comedy

Episode 144

Awful Service Podcast

Episode 23